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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blessings and Miracles

From Gerrí -

I will admit that I wasn’t sure how I felt about Kevin starting this blog about living with ALS.  I’m a very private person and Kevin has pretty much shared everything about the progression of the disease.  Though it is hard for me to read, I know it’s been a good thing for Kevin to do.  He is very matter of fact about this so I’ve had to encourage him to “happy it up” on some of his posts so it’s not so depressing for everyone to read, including me.

When this whole situation started, we knew quickly that there was a high likelihood of Kevin having ALS.  Still, it was so hard to wrap my brain around.  How could something like this happen to Kevin?  Healthiest person I know.  But time passed with more symptoms and more adjustments in our lives and there was no denying it.  It has been about a year and 8 months since the symptoms started and I am amazed that we’ve gotten through this so far.  Kevin has been amazing throughout all of this.  He has accepted it with no anger or feeling sorry for himself.

I have accepted it too, though it’s broken my heart.  Early on when the doctors were testing for other diseases that, though terrible too, were not as bad as ALS, we prayed for a miracle that he would not have ALS.  But he did have it.  Some would say that my prayers were not answered and wonder if I was mad at God or had lost faith.  The answer is “no” because the miracles did happen and the blessings continue daily.

The biggest miracle is that we have been able to accept this challenge gracefully and even thankfully.  The miracles include the love and concern of so many people; their constant prayers, calls, cards, meals, visits, gifts, messages, cute posters left on the front door saying “we love you Kevin,” emails, an amazing neighbor who shoveled our 3 car driveway each time it snowed all winter (sometimes multiple times in a day,) a neighbor (with a broken foot) and his son who hung our Christmas lights (nice and straight the way I love them,) cute balloons, an amazing original oil portrait of Kevin and me, the continued love of Kevin's work friends, the friendship of Kevin's school buddies, the youth in our church ward doing yard work, cartons of Haagen Daaz ice cream when Kevin could eat it, priesthood blessings for both of us, wonderful supportive and kind medical people including the doctors and specialists at the U of U ALS clinic, sweet Kenya our cute friend who makes sure we get the room next to her desk at ALS clinic, the wonderful people at the MDA, the kind person that set up and continues to monitor Kevin’s bi-pap machine, the love of Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham from Downton Abbey, the friendship and support of all of our new friends who also have ALS and on and on the blessings continue.

I want you to know that though I am so sad that this disease has changed Kevin’s life, I am still happy.  I have the love and blessings of my dear Lord, the love of my sweet Kevin, the love of our children and family, the love of so many friends and my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Kevin is my eternal husband and my best buddy. 

Oooo Baby


  1. Sending you love from Texas xoxo
    vernon and Tonya Klein

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